Video Game Racing Seat

A fantastic Game Simulator, good for GranTurismo5™ video game (PlayStation™, Xbox™, Wii™)

Gran Turismo (Italian for "Grand Tourer" or "Grand Touring"), is a very successful and highly praised series of racing simulation video games produced for the Sony PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable gaming systems. All of the game editions simulate the performance and behavior of a enormous selection of vehicles, all of which are licensed reproductions of real life automobiles.

Since the franchise's first launch in December 1997, over 53 million units have been sold worldwide for the PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3.

The game is often called The Real Driving Simulation and it truly is. No other racing game simulation has gone even close to the real life experience the GT delivers. It has become an institution in the video game racing genre. An absolute driving sensation.

Even though Gran Turismo is probably the best driving simulation the world has ever seen, it is still just another game when played from the sofa with the normal gaming controller. The perfect driving result requires the perfect racing game chair.

OpenWheeler racing seat cockpit simulator together with Logitech GT Driving Force steering wheel, complete the ultimate Gran Turismo simulation. The perfect racing game is nothing without control. This home driving simulator provides all the stability and body comfort a driver needs in order to get the best out of this superb game engine. The body is in optimal driving position with comfort and style. Drivers only have to focus on their racing and nothing else. OpenWheeler cockpit simulator takes care of the rest. No more ruined laps because of the coffee table slip or the desk moving together with the wheel steering. The optimal race control at all times. No back or arm aches, no more stiffness and discomfort. Pure racing from start to finish. OpenWheeler is the greatest steering wheel foundation. Cornering has never been more precise and accurate. The power of the force feedback unleashed.

Gran Turismo together with OpenWheeler driving chair and Logitech's fantastic choice of force feedback steering wheels complete the circle of ultimate game racing simulation. Three perfect ingredients for the perfect GT simulator.